Time Warp Trio
Season 1, Episode 03
You Can't Genghis Khan
Air date July 23, 2005
Written by Steve Granat and Cydne Clark
Directed by David SanAngelo
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Fred, Joe and Sam travel back to experience life and culture in Mongolia in the 12th century. Their partner in adventure is 9-year-old Temüjin — the future Genghis Khan. Can the boys survive another meal of mutton?


Outer Mongolia, 1170





Genghis Khan (Temijin)


Princess Borta

Temijim's Father

Tercatie's Henchmen


Mad Jack (cameo)


Joe: "So the lesson is, if you mix the menu and the Book together you'll become a barbecue meal."

Sam: "Guys! When Tarkiti said khan it hit me. When Temüjin is older, he'll get a new title, Genghis Khan!"

Historical FiguresEdit

Genghis Khan (Temijin)

Trivia Edit

  • Joe can talk in an high voice. So high that he can sound like a girl.
  • A book version of this episode (not from the original book series) was made.
  • This marks the first episode where Sam is seen without his glasses; when the mist flows out and he falls, his glasses fall off.
  • We learn that Sam is allergic to sheep wool.
  • In The Daily Warper, we learn that Fred is a horrible singer.
  • Mad Jack is seen in Temujin's yurt, serving a drink, which is presumably kumiss.
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