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    Sam = Death the Kid

    Fred = Black*Star

    Joe = Soul Eater Evans

    Samantha = Maka

    Freddi = Tsubaki

    Jodie = Liz Thompson

    Anna = Patty Thompson

    Any one that has read or seen Soul Eater would understand this. For those who don't know what Soul Eater is, it's an anime and manga series.

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    Music Tributes

    December 2, 2009 by Surf Penguin
    • Davy Jones from the Monkees. He's short, British and a ladies man.
    • Steve Perry, formerly of Journey. I think Sam would be great.
    • John Entwistle of the Who (deceased). John is usually calm, and stone still on stage.
    • Freddie Mercury from Queen (deceased). I can imagine Sam singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

    P.S. Freddie Mercury was NOT gay, he was bisexual.

    • Jack Bruce formerly of Cream.
    • Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin. I can imagine him singing A Whole Lotta Love.
    • Sonny Bono, of Sonny & Cher (deceased).
    • Geddy Lee from Rush, because of his high vocals, and because Sam is the most likely of the 3 boys to use a synthesyzer.
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    Sam, Fred, and Joe are the main warpers, with Jodie, Samantha, & Freddi (and possibly Anna?)

    Woodstock (the film) is rated R for nudity (hippie strippers), drug use, and some foul language.

    I got this inspiration from walterwalterson's post on one of the Time Warp Trio forums on (walter walterson is a user). If there ever is a 2nd season and the creaters see this, it maybe more than one episode long.

    The boys will need to pack meals/lunches that'll last 3 days because the food at Woodstock is hard to get with over a million people, and could be spiked with LSD (see Drugs). Hopefully Fred won't eat it all and the boys won't take the risk of an acid trip. Beware of the "special brownies", they might contain pot/weed.

    Woodstock is fu…

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