Time Warp Trio
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date July 9, 2005
Written by Steve Granat and Cydne Clark
Directed by David SanAngelo
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The Not-So-Jolly Roger begins the television series of Time Warp Trio. It was based upon the book created by Jon Scieszka.


Joe's Uncle gives him a mysterious book for his birthday and when Fred wishes for buried treasure, the boys find themselves on the wrong end of the gun barrel of Edward Teach — more familiarly known as the vicious, infamous pirate Blackbeard


North Carolina, 1718



Fred: The Book? Catchy title.

Fred: Ah?! When did we decide to climb a tree?!

Historic figuresEdit



  • This is the first episode of the series
  • This marks the first appearance of the boys, Joe's mom and Uncle Joe.
  • Mad Jack can be seen briefly dressed as a pirate (and it's a quick scene).
  • Blackbeard will appear again in cameos in 2105 and My Big Fat Greek Olympics .


  • Sam can be seen with the others drinking milk, but he's lactose intolerant.
    • However, it could have been soy milk.
  • Joe distacts the guard so he and the others could eat, but Joe isn't seen eating.
  • At one point when the boys are in battle and are pulling the cannon, Sam's eyes are closed but his lenses are white.
  • There is one scene where Fred's baseball hat returns instead the Pirate hat in one scene and then goes back to the pirate one in the next scene.
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