Time Warp Trio
Season 1, Episode 20
Air date July 15, 2006
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When the kids warp back to the Stone Age, they manage to decipher some cave paintings and find The Book in the camp of the Neanderthals. But when they trade Jodie's binoculars to get it back, something goes wacky, and the kids are suddenly a lot hairier than usual.

Summary Edit

Jodie is spying on Fred, and Sam while they are playing cards for her report on primitive man (mistakenly thinking that her teacher meant primitive modern humans). Fred finds her narrating out loud annoying, but Jodie tells him to pretend she's not there and continues, causing Fred's card tower to collapse. Jodie reveals her purpose to Sam and Fred, and talks about how people in 2105 are more advanced than their 21st century counterparts. Fred then imitates an ape-man, nearly messing with Jodie's binoculars, until he falls on The Book, causing them to warp to the Stone Age, during the year 40,000 B.C.. Soon after warping, Jodie falls into an animal trap covered by leaves and is startled by a Neanderthal at the bottom. Sam and Fred throw her a vine to use as a rope to climb out, which the Neanderthal climbs too. The three then move on, when Fred smells a barbecue. He, Sam, and Jodie eventually come to a camp of Cro-Magnons. Fred convinces his friends to hang out and teach them a few things, despite the fact that, as Jodie puts it, "they look kind of mean." While walking around the campsite, a man in wolfskin corners Fred, saying he likes Fred's shirt, and that he wants it. Fred tries to help the Cro-Magnons by enlarging a small campfire, but it burns the man's leg, making him angry. Hearing the commotion, the matriarch of the tribe, Oogbah, comes out of a cave and orders the trio to speak to her. She then gives Jodie a rat, who is disgusted at the thought of eating it, but eats it anyway, under Sam's advice. Fred asks Oogbah if she's seen The Book, but, as books won't be around for thousands of years, she doesn't know what he's asking. Jodie and Sam look for The Book in a cave, and through deciphering some cave art, they discover that The Book is in the camp of the Neanderthals. Meanwhile, Fred is teaching Oogbah how to catch animals to eat by using "live bait." However, she thinks that Fred meant himself and his friends, so she and the tribe tie them to a tree fern and start chanting "Ka! ka!" Jodie sneezes, revealing to her friends that she is allergic to cats. Just then, a saber-toothed cat passes by and roars at the trio. Jodie's sneezing loosens the rope she is tied with, giving Sam an idea for them to try together to get out. After they do, the Neanderthal they saved from the animal trap saves their lives in return, hitting the cat with the same vine rope he was saved with. The Neanderthal reveals his name to be Ned and takes the trio to his camp, introducing them to the leader, Zell. Zell offers Jodie a drink in a turtle shell. She tastes it and spits it out, asking what it is, to which Zell replies "Ba-uba (bug) juice." Jodie then draws a picture of the book on the ground and describes it to Zell as having "power, great power." Zell thinks they are talking about his lucky "power rock" and at first refuses to share it, but when Jodie makes a deal with him to give food in exchange for the power rock, Zell accepts. The trio plus Ned goes to the meat cave in the Cro-Magnon campsite, but it is guarded. Jodie devises a plan. Fred will distract the guard, Anna, Jodie, Sam, and Ned will hit the guard over the head, and then they will steal the meat. Fred walks up to the guard and tells him a terrible "how many blank (in this case Neanderthals) does it take to screw in a lightbulb joke." The rest of the group then stun the distracted guard with his own club, and then grab the meat and head back to the Neanderthal camp. They soon find the real Book, which Zell calls a "ba-uba smasher." Jodie then trades her binoculars for The Book. Zell plays with it. After a lens falls out, he realizes he can make fire with the fallen lens. Shortly after this, the trio turns into Neanderthals. Sam soon realizes that the binoculars gave the Neanderthals an advantage over the Cro-Magnons, making them the new survivors. Fred challenges Zell to a rock-lifting contest, and uses his rock to break the binoculars, restoring the kids to normal. Enraged, Zell chases the trio with a spear, cornering them in a trap. However, when all seems lost, Ned saves the trio by hitting Zell with the power rock and giving them The Book. After warping home, Jodie gets a pimple on her nose and warps back to her time.


Germany, 40,000 B.C.









Fred- "Get it? Ladder? Hardware store?"


  • This is the fourth episode in which Sam and Fred are present where Joe does not appear.
  • This is the second time Jodie has time traveled with Sam and Fred.
  • Sam's claim that the Neanderthals went extinct because their tools and weapons weren't as good as those of the Cro-Magnons is false. The Neanderthals were just as skilled in toolmaking as the Cro-Magnons. Nobody knows why Neanderthals really went extinct, but popular theories are interbreeding with Cro-Magnons and eventually being absorbed by them, shortages of the prehistoric game they hunted, and, more recently, cannibalism.
  • The saber-toothed cat that corners the trio has a long tail like those on most modern cats. In actuality, saber-toothed cats had bob-tails like lynxes.

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