Played by:

Name: Samantha Kikin

Age: 10 (11 in My Big Fat Greek Olympics)

Ethnic group: Russian American

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Profession: Technology

Samantha is a 10-11 year old girl from 2105. She's Sam's great-grand daughter, and is somewhat similar to Fred. She has black hair that is tied into six pointy tails. She wears rectangular glasses, an orange shirt, blue jeans, and orange shoes. She owns a robotic cat named Rivets, who she loves. Samantha loves marshmallows and onion rings. She's adventurous, which is no help to her friends Jodie and Freddi.

She has accidently triggered the book twice.She has narrated only "What's So Great About Peter." She is first seen in 2105 and is last seen in "The High and the Flighty." She's in 2105, "Sam Samurai", "See You Later, Gladiator", "Able Was I Ere I Saw Elba", "Birdman or Birdbrain", "Dude Wheres My Karma?", "My Big Fat Greek Olympics", "What's So Great About Peter?", and "The High and the Flighty." She is voiced by Laurie Elliot.


  • Samantha is Sam's opposite, making her similar to Fred.
  • Samantha has never been seen without her glasses.
  • Samantha doesn't seem to have any of Sam's allergies.
  • By personality, Samantha is a tomboy, which means she acts somewhat like a boy and is the most masculine girl out of the trio.
  • Samantha seems to like "classic" technology.
  • Samantha is one of the main characters in the series.
  • Samantha has a realtionship with both even Fred and Sam.
  • Samantha is the only one of the girls to wear a short-sleeved shirt and glasses.
  • Samantha loves marshmallows AND onion rings.
  • Samantha has a robot cat named Rivits.
  • In the books, Samantha has long, wavy hair and doesn't wear glasses.
  • Samantha said gay rights!



"Sam Samurai"

"See You Later, Gladiator"

"Able Was I Ere I Saw Elba"

"Birdman or Birdbrain"

"Dude Wheres My Karma?"

"My Big Fat Greek Olympics"

"What's So Great About Peter?"

"The High and the Flighty."


"Okay, where is she? Where's my adorible little Rivits?"

Members of The Time Warp Trio