Time Warp Trio
Season 1, Episode 17
Greek olympics
Air date February 18, 2006
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Wushu Were Here

Plot Edit

A wild warp at the Olympia Diner sends Fred and Samantha to Ancient Greece during the Olympic games (and Sam to another diner on the edge of Time). Can the three of them get it together to avoid historical disaster?

Summary Edit

The episode starts out in the Olympia Diner. Samantha is holding a picture of Fred on a pyramid of people. She asks Sam why he looks weird in the picture, and he says he was about to sneeze. As it turns out, Sam topple the pyramid when he sneezed, causing Fred to break his arm. Sam won the ultimate match of the game. It's also Samantha's birthday, so Fred bought her a red hat and Sam got her some onion rings. She's about to say a place with rings almost as good, but stops and goes to get a dessert case. When Fred complains he wasn't there, he gets an idea. While Sam says it wasn't like the Olympics, Fred takes out the book and finds two pages with a left and right arrow. He taps the left arrow lightly to stop himself from breaking his arm, but a metal pole comes out of that page and Sam ducks in time. Sam yells "Hit the other button! THE OTHER BUTTON!" Then, Samantha comes and yells "STOP, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" and lunges forward, but it's too late. The green mist scoops them up and it covers them. Then, Samantha and Fred are at the Greek Olympics in 404 BC, and the judges question them what happened to Glockus. They and the other team protest that they did nothing to him. When the judge says that they'll be disqualified, the other team threatens to kill Fred and Samantha. The judge tells Samantha that she'll take the place of Glockus, convinced that she is actually a boy. Then, Samantha tries to throw the diskus, but its too heavy. Fred switches it to a frisbee. She throws it farther than the markers go. But, then Samantha has to wrestle Simplex. They go to a field and say they have to find Glockus. When Samantha takes off her hat, Plato sees that she is a woman and says he will tell the judges and they will be killed. Then, Sam still thinks he's in the diner. Then he sees Blackbeard and Napoleon. Then Glockus appears and he realizes when he mentioned the Olympics it must have triggered the Book and brought Glockus here and warped Fred and Samantha thee. So he goes on the jukebox to go back and find them. Fred and Samantha convince Plato to help them and see Sam and Glokus.


Greece, 404 B.C


  • Fred
  • Sam
  • Samantha
  • Plato
  • Flo
  • Glockus
  • Mad Jack (cameo)
  • Blackbeard (cameo)
  • Napleon Bonaparte (cameo)


  • Sam: "Let me guess, DEATH!!!!!!!
  • Sam: What? Napoleon? Blackbeard? With a milkshake? What the heck is going on!?


  • This is the second time that Fred and Sam travel that Joe is not present.
    • This is the second time Samantha time travels with Sam and Fred and the second time Samantha time travels without Freddi and Jodie. Jodie and Freddi are not present in this episode.
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