Time Warp Trio
Season 1, Episode 10
Air date October 1, 2005
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The Good, the Bad, and the Goofy


A basketball game gets interrupted and the boys find themselves in Chichen Itza, Mexico in the middle of a Maya ringball court a thousand years ago! Of course in this game, the stakes are a little higher because if they lose, they lose their heads!


Chichen Itza, Maya, 960 A.D






Chune's Mother


Number 7 (ball player)

Mad Jack (cameo)


Chune (Mayan girl): "I have watched many ring ball games, but I have never seen a shot like that!" Fred: "Sam, there's no such thing as a talking jaguar, right?"

Joe: "Wow! A thousand year long, cross the continent bank shot!" Fred: "That's definitely a three pointer!"

Lord Kakapupahet: "People!" 

Fred: "Who is he speaking to?" 

Sam: "The sound waves bounce off the pyramids so everyone can hear." 

Fred: "No way!" 

Sam: "Yes way!" 

Fred: "No way!"

Everyone: "Yes way!"


  • Kakapupahet sounds like "caca poopoo head", much to the amusement of the boys.
  • At the jaguar tree, Fred confesses that he stole Joe's Yankee glove.
  • Sam knows a little bit about Mayan numbers.
  • The Mayan ball playing twins look rather like Joe and Fred. Except, unlike the twins, Fred has more upper body strength than Joe..
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