Joe Arthur
Nickname(s) Joe the Show, Joe the Magnificent
Age 10
Ethnicity Indian American
Series information
First seen The Not So Jolly Roger
Last seen Plaid to the Bone (TV Episode)
Portrayer Mark Rendall
This article is about Joe, a member of The Time Warp Trio. See Joe the Magnificent for his uncle, the magician.

Joe is a member of The Time Warp Trio and rightful owner of The Book. It is one of the six main characters in the series.


He has light brownish skin, five freckles on each cheek, spiky brown hair, a green t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers.

Personality and Other FactsEdit

Joe is your average kid living in Brooklyn. He likes pizza, and the Yankees. He wants to be a magician when he grows up, just like his Uncle Joe. He is the rightful owner of The Book. He constantly quarrels with his little sister, Anna, and has been known to have infrequent arguments with his best friends, Sam and Fred. He doesn't really get why his Uncle Jack wants to rule the space-time continnum so much. He is also been known as Joe the Magnificent and Joe the Show. Joe, like most kids his age, doesn't know what exactly his father does, but from Jinga All the Way, it has been assumed that Joe's dad is an archaeologist of some sort. His favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla, and if he was in a movie, he'd like John Cusack, Will Smith, or Leonardo di Caprio to play him. His first appearence was in The Not So Jolly Roger and his last appearence in Plaid to the Bone (TV Episode). He is voiced by Mark Randall.


  • He's right handed.
  • He seems to have dental problems of some sort because whenever someone asks why Joe hasn't warped, it's because he has a dentist's appointment.
  • He might be bi-racial as he has darker skin than Sam and Fred; and Jodie has a darker skin complexion.
  • Joe is one of the six main characters in the series.
  • He is voiced by Mark Rendall, who was a teenager when he voiced Joe.
  • Though he and Fred share similar qualities, he is somewhat smarter, if not more logical, than Fred.
  • His dads name is John, as revealed in Viking It and Liking It (TV Episode)
  • He is in 19 out of 26 episodes.
  • In the books, Joe dosn't have any freckles



"From now on NOBODY uses the book. Unless it is an absolute emergency!"

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