Time Warp Trio
Season 1, Episode 16
Air date February 11, 2006
Written by Peter K. Hirsch
Directed by David SanAngelo
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When Joe realizes that he's slowly disappearing, the kids find a malfunction in his family tree in The Book and follow it to India during the Gupta Empire. Sam, Fred, Samantha and Freddi have to help Joe's ancestor Prince Karna win the hand of Princess Lakshmi to save the entire family line!


India, 720 A.D




Fred: "If Sam marries Lakshmi then Sam would be Joe's father and Joe will go all nutty. I don't need two Sams in my life."


  • We learn that both Joe and Jodie are part Indian.
  • In this episode, Sam accidentally touches the link between
  • Freddi yells out the magician's name, Mad Jack, so now the boys know who that is & when the boys get back, they note that he resembles Joe's eccentric Uncle Joe. The voice-over narration by Joe at the end that states there is a connection between these two.
  • This is the first time Mad Jack appears as a main character rather than just in the background.
    • This is the last time Freddi time travels with Sam and Fred and in Breaking the Codex, she reunites with Jodie and she time travels with Joe one last time.   
  • Goof: When they believe that Fred has eaten something poisonous, they should have known that he would be okay. Otherwise, Freddi would have been erased from history.
  • Goof: There is a split second, after the princess picks Sam as her husband, where Freddi and Samantha are shown wearing their normal clothes rather than the saris they are wearing in rest of the episode.
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