All the characters in the Time Warp Trio (Book Series) and Time Warp Trio (TV Show).

  • Joe: a 10 year old unoffical leader when his uncle give him a book for his birthday he his sister and his friends must go to time and must stop Mad Jack Joe's other uncle.
  • Sam: friend of Joe & Fred he was the smart of the group.
  • Fred: a friend of Sam & Joe, he like sports, and he also lead his gang when danger comes.
  • Jodie: Joe's great-granddaughter from the 2105 she so bossy and allergic of Samantha's cat.
  • Freddi: Fred's great-granddaughter from the 2105 she was afraid of heights and bugs and she like sports like Fred.
  • Samantha: Sam's great-granddaughther from the 2105 and has a cat name Rivites
  • Anna: Joe's little sister who joins the group after she was on the book.
  • Joe The Magnificent: Joe's uncle and the magician artist.
  • Mad Jack: Joe's other uncle and brother of Joe The Magnificent who wants to take the book and battle his nephew Joe.

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