Time Warp Trio
Season 1, Episode 23
Air date July 15, 2006
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Breaking the Codex
The High and the Flighty


Though it's a very hot day, warping back to ice-cold Antarctica in 1911 isn't exactly what Joe, Sam, and Fred had in mind. They encounter Robert Falcon Scott at the Terra Nova Expedition, endure 47-degree-below-zero weather, eat hoosh (seal liver), and discover that Mad Jack has brought them to the one place on Earth that's too cold for The Book to work!


Antarctica, 1911

Characters Edit


Fred: "This must be some sort of ski resort. Listen, I hear voices!"

Sam: "Yeah, their saying Fred is a total idiot!!"

Fred: "Yeah I hate to interrupt, cause ya know, I love big speeches, but WE'RE FREZZING!!!"


  • Cape Crosher is the only place The Book can not work.
  • This is the first time Mad Jack warps the kids somewhere.
  • 3rd and last appearance of Joe's Mom.
  • This is the last time Joe time travels with Sam and Fred.
  • This is the last time Joe, Sam and Fred all time travel together.

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