Time Warp Trio
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date January 7, 2006
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The Seven Blunders of the World

Plot Edit

Fred finds out firsthand what it means to have a "Napoleon Complex" when he and Joe warp back to 1815 Paris and meet Napoleon Bonaparte. Luckily, Samantha is also there with pioneering aeronaut Sophie Blanchard, and the three of them experience the ride of their lives.

Setting Edit

France, 1815

Characters Edit

  • Joe
  • Sam
  • Fred
  • Samantha
  • Mad Jack (cameo)
  • Weird Man (cameo at end)

Quotes Edit

Fred:"No way! I hate shell fish! Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog!"

Samantha: "At least there are still people in 2005."

Joe: "What do you mean?"

Samantha: "There's gonna be a big war between Napoleon the seventh, and his son Napoleon the Eighth. When it's all over, well...let's just say there's a lot more room for the roaches."

Historical Figures Edit

Napoleon Bonapate

Sophie Blanchard

Trivia Edit

  • In the show, If Napoleon wins the Battle of Waterloo, The United States will be called New France.
  • Also if Napoleon wins the battle, Sam and every body eles will speak French.
  • According to Samantha, there will be "more room for the roaches" in 2105.
  • The Book breaks in this episode.
  • The executioner that Fred tripped fell right on Mad Jack.
  • Quite a few palindromes are used in this episode. 
  • "New France" is likely a oppressive country, since "America" isn't allowed to be said; denying the freedom of speech is a common thing is opressive nations.
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